FLYER_VWell well better late than never. I almost forgot to announce this crazy wicked madass Kingsday party tomorrow that I’m throwing with MR. Kremer at Bret’s new hot place at Sloterdijk square. We’ve got a killer line-up, killer mc’s and some killer home brewed beers (from Bret himself!!!). So best is that you also wear your killer heels and killer shorts, ’cause we’ve got a hot tubb and some steaming dj’s that just make you wanna dive in and go banana’s!!!

Hold on tight kids, here we go:

Schorriemorrie hosted by Misz Bunty & Monsieur Plastique at BRET.

12.00-12.40 DJ Santina Runaway
12.40-13.20 Tranny 4/7
13.20-14.00 2CV
14.00-14.45 Mason
14.45-15.30 Joost van Bellen
15.30-16.15 DOPPELGANG
16.15-17.00 The G-Team
17.00-17.45 Sjam & MR.Kremer
17.45-18.30 Eljany & Le Fumeur
18.30-19.15 Fashionpack Dj Hart & Dj Kosters
19.15-20.00 !!!WANNABE KINKY!!! (WANNABEASTAR & KinkyRinky)

Whaaaaaa isn’t that just FANTASTIC!!! Weather will be shit…but we go inside, stay warm, get wet and party in the name of Willem!!!

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