Wannabe A Star & Stella “Sudden-Death” Star are rocking on!


Hope you are all good! It’s been a while since our latest update, but Wannabe a Star & Stella “Sudden Death” Star are getting ready for a hot and steamy festival season! Hope you are ready too as it’s gonna be a long and hot summer!!!

Coming saturday Wannabe A Star will be hosting a very special (secret) stage at Noord Hollands Dijkpop festival. She will bring along her friends; The G-Team, Shirley Macholina, Monsieur Plastique, Peggy Jane Delilah and Merante Tamar! They will turn the new “OhLaLa” Bar into the hottest place on the festival grounds. Expect some skin, a lot of sweat and maybe maybe…..
Stella is still rocking the HARDROCKKARAOKE  in Amsterdam. You can make your utter guts go wild every second thursday of the month in Winston Kingdom at the Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam!
On saturday July 16th Wannabe A Star will be playing live at Radio Decibel! Tune in for some crazyness. It’s gonna be webcam wild!
Again both Wannabe A Star and Stella will dj at de Kroegenstraat at Zwarte Cross festival on saturday July 23. Zwarte Cross originally started out as a motor cross. A couple of years ago Wannabe A Star was booked and got hooked! Go check out this festival when you get the chance.
And yes of course she is hysterically enthusiastic about Milkshake Festival! This is the all mixed up gay, straight, bi, transsexual no matter who you are festival. Wannabe A Star will play on saturday at the Transformer stage.
There’s no Gaypride without Wannabe A Star present. This year she will dj at the HEBIHO VRIJMIBO at Amstelveld on friday. Amstelveld is a beautiful square in the city center and is a  perfect place to start your Gaypride and weekend!
On the 7th of August Wannabe A Star will open Joost van Bellen’s RAUW stage at the beloved Solar Weekend Festival.
Yeah yeah yeah for Amsterdams finest dress up and on fire festival Valtifest! This one is definitely one that you should not miss! Stella plays and sings (!!!) at the Gayballs On Fire stage with her Guns ‘N Poses posse and Wannabe plays her old dirty baile funk at the Barnaval stage. Go on get your tickets and…
STAY WILD!For more information about availability please email me!


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