Amsterdam’s catchy, sexy, filthy sound comes straight from the decks of Hot-Mama Wannabe A Star. Starting her career as a dancer she came down with the DJ virus in 1996 when she lost control on Miami’s Winter Music Conference. Soon she became the face of German Eurodance group ‘Nomansland‘ with hits ’7 seconds’ and ‘Fantasy’. A year later her DJ career was a fact.

Always different than most, Wannabe A Star collaborated with dancers she knew from the past. 1998 was the beginning of the famous dj duo Wannabe-a-Star & Miss B-have. When those two stepped behind the decks nobody could predict what was going to happen in the next few hours. At first the audience was puzzled and shocked. Was it a serious DJ set or an act strictly for the underground? Are they professional pole dancers or fashion-bitches from hell? The answer for most clubbers came when DJ Wannabe A Star started to get deeper into her eclectic music style, while Miss B-have did her parody of a Vegas Showgirl.

Wannabe A Stars mixing skills are flawless, done with the true essence of sensuality. She can play a large variety of music, from hip hop to house, disco to electro, pop to punk rock and back again. 2006 was the year she featured on the tracks ‘Your Shit, My Shit‘ and ‘Mighty My’ collaborating with Benny Sings, Rednose Distrikt and Miss B-have.

2008 is the year of a new collaboration between her and Edu K. La Star who was a resident at Erwin Olafs Fucque Les Balles, touring circus Club Filth and Booty party Little Sexmachine that was born in 2007 and turned Amsterdams Flex Bar in the hottest place on earth. Little Sexmachine was organized by Meubel Stukken.

Looking for new ways to express herself she came across good friend producer Aka Simon Little (STRFCKR/Nevermindthestars). They hit it off straight away. Recording for a year straight, perfecting the sound and show for her as a Band-Artist.
Her live show is more a “come together” of different disciplines of art and not only a sexy live performance. While rocking and rolling around with her live band, the show is also supported by the poppy video images made by VJ Alex Kaseta. She and her band are mostly fully dressed in Dutch fashion genius Bas Kosters with whom she organizes the infamous Anti Fashion Party during Amsterdam Fashion Week. They were featured in 2013 August edition of MixMag.

On 11-11-11 her debut album ”WANNABEANALBUM” finally came out! The videoclip of Party Party” and “I Need A Man” went on rotation at MTV’S Brand New.

Her album received rave reviews in her native Holland, but also got noticed abroad. The Remix Pack I Need  A Man” was heavily supported by people like Stuart Price (Madonna/Killers), Diplo (Major Lazer), Switch, Tommie Sunshine, Brodinski and many, many more!

Beginning of 2012 Wannabe A Star was weekly featured on national Dutch TV. Where she filmed her private and stage life as part of a documentary style soap opera called Connected.

Wannabe A Star hosted Bavaria’s “Mess With The DJ” tour for the festival season of 2012 (dj & live).  Fall 2012 she toured (live) with travelling festival Popronde all through Holland.

In 2013 she was featured on Joshua Walters first release Nocturnal Animals” . On 15th of July 2013 the remix package of Party Party was released on STRFCKR RCRDS.

Wannabe A Star started working on her electronic project W.A.S. in 2016. On her Soundcloud you can find her Booty Bass track “The Big D”

Nowadays WANNABEASTAR live is an all-female formation. Think of punk sugarcoated with pop, rock sleazy as fuck and all fashionably dressed in tight colourful outfits designed by l’enfant terrible de la mode Bas Kosters. They are must see! These girls really know how to break down a venue!!! Let’s party party!!!

The band signed with Sony Music Netherlands in 2017 and releases the album “Greatest Hits” produced by Robin van Loenen.

In 2019 and 2020 WANNABEASTAR was one of the judges in the Dutch version of the English tv hitshow All Together Now. Check out her introduction video!

She has been featured in more than 50 magazines the past years with interviews, reviews and editorials.

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