Wannabe A Star & Stella “Sudden-Death” Star!


Hope you are all good! Wannabe a Star & Stella “Sudden Death” Star just wanted drop some stuff on you. The’ve had a steamy festival season and are breeding on some new projects. Nevertheless we got a little something to share with you.

First of all lets start with some music! Wannabe A Star played at the ADE sleep-overand she made a real nice trippy acid disco mix to enjoy in prior. We love it! Hope you too.
Wannabe A Star had a spicy chit chat with Vice about women in nightlife, poledancing and sex. It’s in Dutch, but there are nice cat pictures to look at as well.
Stella whipped some ass at the new metal bar Helga’s House of Pain at Lowlands festival.3Voor12 wrote a nice review about it (in Dutch). You wanna hear some too?
Warning: not for the weak and cry babies!
Stella performed with the one and only drag king house in Amsterdam “Guns ‘n Poses” at the Gayballs on Fire stage at Valtifest. She’s an almost natural born Axl Rose, but she’s got some Courtney Love in her as well don’t you think? Hot hot news! She will perform on the Paradiso Nirvana Night on the 23rd of November as Stella….. well can’t say much, it’s something you just need to check out next to the old Nirvana footage of course. 😉
Holler if you need some more info on availability on one of these wild cats. They are both up for good fun and can make a great party!Cheers!Anita
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