Fur Free presents Strange Fashion!


We are very proud to announce Fur Free will be exposing Strange Fashion under the wings of SALON/2. The exhibition will be from 1 till 17th of July at Galerie Fontana Fortuna, Keizersgracht 105 Amsterdam. Tickets for Salon/2 can be bought here. It’s a great tour through the city and through Dutch fashion. Check it out it’s worthwhile taking.

Strange Fashion  is a collaboration between Nicole Martens and Femke Dekker. Strange Fashion paired up (Dutch) photographers with (Dutch) fashiondesigners. Based upon the Dogme 95 doctrine by Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg, they laid down ground rules to which the photographers had to abide.  The result was ten similar spreads showcasing the work of both the designer and the talent of the photographer.

The rules were:

-At least one piece from a Fur Free designer

-No fur

-No models

-A plant

-Natural lighting

-Domestic environment

Gallery Fontana Fortuna is open from friday till sunday from 2PM till 5PM.

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