Anti Fashion Party friday 15 July!


Yes its almost Fashion Week and ofcourse Anti Fashion will stir up the galaxy once again! With a blasting and superb line-up this is a party you cant be left without!

Young hot NT89 will show whats up from intergalactic side and MC Gaff E will take you on a personal rocket ride! Amongst these bright shining stars we also have When Harry Met Sally a dj duo that won’t let you land before taking you to another dimension and Mnr Broekjevol & Mevr Bloesjvol will turn every blackhole into a bright heaven. To Start your night bright and shiny I pesonally will take you on a trip through the falling stars.

Ofcourse there’s so much more like the Out Of  This World Space Outfit contest by Red Bull and again the most wanted alienated Anti Fashion Awards Show!!!

So get out of you Space Cave and rock on with us at GAZZ, Amsterdam 15 July!!!!


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