Bevrijdingsdag 2014Today is liberation day in Holland. The horrors that occurred in the second world war in my country were terrible. We all are acquainted with Anne Frank’s diary. Although we remember and honor this day. In other parts of the world, people are still killing and fighting over religion, politics and even over sexual preference. Also in Amsterdam things can get tense.

Me as a little white hetero sexual girl, have never been discriminate for who I am, what I believe in or what I stand for. I call this freedom. The freedom to be who I want to be. It actually starts to sound like a luxury you can buy when you’re filthy rich.

It makes me sad that loads of my friends who are gay, dress well and sometimes act a little different, get beaten, spit at or yelled nasty things at in the streets of my beloved hometown. Once this town was really liberal and felt completely free. You could skate in a bikini (if you wanted) through town and would not be harassed or yelled at. Throughout the last decennia things changed. There is a lot more  hatred in the streets and even I get scared at night when biking in my stripper thigh high boots and hotpants.

But as long as we keep celebrating freedom the way we do and spread love and happiness in times that its not always the first thing you think of. I think we can still make a change, turn things around and show this world that love rules. We are all different and unique and that’s something we should cherish and not hate. We can be an example by showing our love for each other instead of hate the other.

Tonight I dj at the gay monument and I’m proud to celebrate the freedom that’s in everybody’s hearts and minds there, with the people I love the most.

So…..let’s dance!



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