AFP FLYER FINAL BACKThe best party in the world is back! Bas Kosters and DJ Wannabe A Star will host a renewed Anti Fashion Party on the 24th of January at club NYX!

It’s the 15th time that Anti Fashion Party will be held during Amsterdam Fashion Week. It’s starting to become quite a tradition. Like always, you’ll dance your ass off to a whammer slammer line-up.

To begin with the ultimate hotness and fresh from the surgery table line-up. Nobody Beats The Drum will entertain you with a facelifting dj set! FashionPack fashionable as always, DJ Hart & DJ Kosters, will make you dance to the latest sounds in celebrity land. A fresh and new polished DJ Wannabe A Star makes you twerk and twirl on the dance floor and Miss Bunty will be there to guide you into an anesthetic state of mind.

Anti Fashion Party is an all-inclusive party so there’s lots more!!! On the second floor you can let your inner lesbian go wild at the ”Lesbi A Go Go Fashion Wedding”. Hosted by fashion celebrity dj’s Aynouk Tan & Mylou Oord. Even at the ”Sun Valley Toilet Area” you can shake your butt with Grumpy Old Men and MC Poepke. MC Poepke will be spilling those rhymes like there’s no time to flush. Of course the world famous Bas Kosters dancers will be there and also a celebrity designer to show off the latest in anti fashion.

When you think you’ve seen all crazy party themes already, well think again! Probably this is the best one you will ever see: ”Cunty Celebrities At The Holiday Inn”! Think in the likes of Pamela Anderson’s latest boob job, Miley Cyrus her much needed ass lift or even Ke$ha’s Jack Daniels brushed teeth. You even have the chance to win the celebrity look-alike contest and shine like the star you are!

So did you also have enough of all these repeating fashion trends? Or do you just wanna show off your hot twerking skills? Well then it would be lovely to see you pose at the 15th Anti Fashion Party the 24th of January at Club NYX in Amsterdam.

Door damage will be only E10,- for an ultimate plastic orgasm!

Picture by Marc Deurloo


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