Summer has been crazy busy with loads of amazing and cool festivals, wich I’ll make a post about a little later. I didnt even have time to go on a real holiday yet, nor had time to write silly posts.

This weekend Popronde starts in The Netherlands. It’s a travelling festival with loads of live music by starting bands. As you could have read before, we got selected as a band as well! Woooohooooo!!! I’m so excited and Popronde starts tomorrow in Nijmegen. We rehearsed a lot last tuesday and hopefully we can do a smooth and rocking live set with poledancing ofcourse! 

Anyway here’s our tour schedule up so far. Come check us out when you’re near…it’s free!!!!


Ok here’s our Popronde Nederland tour schedule so far:

7 sept. Wunderbar – Nijmegen – CLOSING!
8 sept. de Lakeij – Helmond – CLOSING!
29 sept. Burgerweeshuis – Deventer- CLOSING + DJset!

4 okt. XL – Wageningen
5 okt. W2 – Den Bosch – CLOSING!
12 okt. Luxor – Arnhem – CLOSING!
13 okt. Patronaat – Haarlem- CLOSING!
19 okt. Studio Tilburg – Tilburg

2 nov. De Hemingway – Leeuwarden – CLOSING!
8 nov. LVC – Leiden – CLOSING!

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