Fur Free is an initiative of Jojanneke van der Veer aka DJ Wannabeastar and Femke Dekker of My Little Underground and supported by the Dutch foundation Bont voor Dieren (Fur For Animals).




FurFreeby Tim Groen

January 24th 2011 sees the official opening-night of our first Fur Free project. Hosted at one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens, the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam, fashion designers Bas Kosters, And Beyond, Antoine Peters, Hester Vlamings and LEW will exhibit a fur free fashion showpiece in the garden’s threeclimate greenhouse. The entire exhibition is styled by the internationally acclaimed Caroline Fuchs and Maarten Spruyt. A unique event since it is the first time that a third party is allowed to exhibit in the greenhouse!


Report made by Miriam van ‘t Veer

July 2011 we organised a photo print exhibition in Amsterdam called “Strange Fashion” in gallery Fontana Fortuna.

January 2013 we organised a poster exhibition called “Protest!” in symbolic former squat building Slangenpand. We’ve had artist duo Pinar & Viola design a limited scarf for us.

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